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Prof. Natti Ronel

Natti Ronel was born in Israel in 1958, and, since 1987, he has been happily and lovingly married to Gila Ronel. They live in Jaffa. Together they are parents of Dror (son) and Tohar (daughter). 


Natti works as a therapist - a licensed clinical criminologist. He is a Professor of Criminology at Bar-Ilan University in the Department of Criminology, working there as a researcher and lecturer; he has served as past head of the department.


Natti developed the GraceWay and the Twelve Tools from decades of experience. His individual counseling and care for people with diverse backgrounds of notable distress has created and supported recovery - recovery from addiction, as well as from exposure to an addicted family member, and to violence, delinquency, and abuse. These are also the subjects of his research, thought and writing. 


Together with the research teams that he has supervised, Natti developed the Positive Criminology perspective, which advances the continually evolving field of positive psychology with reference to issues of criminology. Subsequent research by Natti and his teams developed the Positive Victimology perspective, which offers an innovative way to help victims of any violence and delinquency.  Recently, he has been working on the development of Spiritual Criminology and Victimology, which aims to bring spiritual wisdom to modern social science.


Natti first introduced the GraceWay extensively in the book The Twelve Tools, which features his gradually accumulated personal and clinical experiences, along with human field research. 


Beginning in the mid-1990s, he provided training to many professionals in Israel on various aspects of the GraceWay. Professional implementation of the Twelve Steps program highlighted the dimension of spiritual transformation and the application of the spiritual path in daily life. As part of his academic work, he has written dozens of articles in international scientific journals, has published several books in Israel and abroad, and he frequently attends local and international conferences.

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