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What is "grace"? Among the words several meanings is disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency, usually without asking for anything in return. The word grace reminds us of a good experience, of giving, of something that goes beyond the usual order of things and transcends it. Grace touches us personally, refreshes, expands something in our hearts, allows for change based on a new, unexpected order. Even when it is a passing grace, the ineffable quality of grace has a goodness that breaks boundaries and creates something new. In the spiritual context, grace represents the act of supreme power - it is the gift of God, as we understand God.

The GraceWay offers us a path to live the grace, presently, as if it is already here, instead of dreaming of it, expecting it, or waiting for it to come to us. 


How is grace lived? By learning the GraceWay. Intentionally behave in the world with the same grace that we aspire to have, and by this, establish its presence here already. This is how it comes to our lives - by grace.

Living the grace - and being the grace we want to meet - is a goal appropriate not only when we are in trouble or distress, but also when our lives are normal yet we want something different or are trying to change. We may have a feeling that underneath the exuberant occurrences of everyday life, within joy and challenge, there is something else - and so we choose to reveal it, using grace. By its very nature, this ‘something else’ exists, but for various reasons it is not yet part of our lives and an effort of grace is needed to expose it. 

יפו, יפה בימים / נתי רונאל

קובץ סיפורים וקטעי הגות בצורת שירה, שרובם מתרחשים ביפו, בין חלום למציאות שחולמת את עצמה. חלקם, עלו בדמיוני היפואי, שלקח את עובדות היום להן הייתי עד והפך אותן לסיפור או הגות. חלקם האחר מבוסס על עובדות דמיון בלבד. אין הבדל מהותי בין השניים.

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