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The GraceWay דרך החסד

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The twelve tools

The GraceWay offers tools of change, twelve in number. The number is not accidental, but refers to one of the obvious sources of the road: to the twelve-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous and of similar fellowships such as NA, OA and others.

The twelve tools, inspired by the wisdom of the step-program and by practical wisdom of people who faced different challenges, offer spiritual-based solutions to various everyday situations, as well as a built-in program for personal development. Some of the tools were adopted directly from Twelve Steps recovery, and some are original formulations of the GraceWay.

Details of the various tools and the way to implement them can be found in The Twelve Tools book, available on Amazon. The book describes each tool extensively, with a demonstration of how it is implemented, and the analysis of the meaning of each tool in terms of self-change.

In general, the twelve tools offer us a change program that is modular, and at the same time is a whole greater than the total of its parts. It is a way of life that is directed at everyday spirituality and it shows how we can apply and know the grace in our lives. 


Each tool can be described as part of a hologram that contains the entire path, and as the tools and their special angles of view accumulate, the resolution of the hologram increases and the image of grace within it becomes sharper and more focused.

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